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Welcome! I’m Ally

Hey friend! I’m Allyson Murphy, IBCLC—aka “Ally.” My clients often note my kindness and calm presence in the midst of their storm. I work with you and your baby to overcome common nursing struggles and plan a way forward. Together, we form a solid team to help you reach your goals.

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Initial visits last about 2 hours. We’ll cover latching positions, weighted-feedings, pumping, and more. Plus answers to ALL your questions. At the end you receive a written care plan and follow up support via secure messaging for ONE MONTH! Follow up appointments scheduled as needed.

Full support along the way

Home Visits

Postpartum support visits after baby has arrived + follow-up support.

Weekly support

Wednesdays in Maplewood, NJ, for in-person support and warm hugs!

Prenatal classes

Educate yourself, ask questions, and prepare before your delivery.

What’s an ally?

A teacher, a supporter, a cheerleader, a coach, a teammate, a hug-provider.

In short, I’m the lactation consultant who shows up when you’re most in need.

Allyson’s kind, honest, and knowledgeable approach to teaching made the breastfeeding experience far less daunting and far more enjoyable for both me and my son.

Megs T.

Ally is beyond warm, loving, and reassuring … She is supportive, incredibly responsive, and truly an ally.

Allison T.