There aren’t enough positive words to describe Ally. We met before the birth of my second daughter; after struggling to nurse my first, I was really determined to make things work the second time around and our pre-natal time together really helped me get into the proper mindset. Ally is beyond warm, loving, and reassuring. She is also honest and walked me through some difficult decisions. She is supportive, incredibly responsive, and truly an ally. She gave me confidence and courage, and I’m so grateful she was by my side through my experience!

Allison T.

Allyson is the warmest, kindest person. She came to my house so many times to help with any breastfeeding issue I had or to pop in and do a quick weight check on my baby. The fact that she travels to you is SO helpful when you aren’t sleeping and trying to juggle life with a new baby. I felt very comfortable with her right from the first visit. I’d recommend her to anyone!!!!

Courtney W.

To be able to say my son is exclusively breastfed at 4.5months (and going strong) is something that would NOT have been possible without Allyson Murphy. When he was first born, breastfeeding got off to a bumpy start. I was told that breast-feeding may not be an option for us for a host of reasons and was given little support while in the hospital. Once I found Allyson (and I thank my lucky stars that I did) she came to my house and said no matter what we are going to make this work. She has championed behind my son and I through this entire journey, provided valuable instructions, and given me the tools and guidance that has made breast-feeding not only doable, but enjoyable. I have gone to her for several appointments and attended a couple of her breast-feeding support groups and have been empowered and supported to continue regardless of the challenges we’ve encountered. She has always made herself available to answer any questions I have-even if she’s already answered them before and despite her own busy schedule. I have such a deep respect for lactation consultants and the work they do to promote successful breastfeeding regardless of how that looks for each mother. Being a new mom, we would not be where we are today had it not been for the compassion, love, expertise and kindness Allyson bestowed upon us. From my family to yours-thank you ♥️

Nola S.

In the mist of the newborn fog, restless nights, unbalanced hormones, and recovering from pain, Ally was the perfect person to talk to when I had problems nursing. I had 2 separate issues with my last two boys and she addressed what the problem might be and gave me options and things to try out. She was not at all judgmental or overstepped any boundaries. She was a calming soul I needed to continue nursing . So helpful, genuine, and super knowledgeable. I am so glad I contacted her. With Ally not only you are getting the support you need but a friend. Absolutely recommend her. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Thank you Ally!

Kay K.

My breastfeeding journey was not like anything I could have expected. With a stay in the NICU and being a nervous first time mom I exclusively pumped for the first month. After a late start my journey it finally started thanks to Allyson who welcomed me with a warm hug and a shoulder to cry on. I attended Allyson’s group every week for my entire maternity leave. The group gave me the advice I needed to be successful and more importantly the mom support to let you know you are not alone. Allyson moderates the group in a way that includes everyone and gets you talking about the good, the bad, and the really ugly. She keeps it real and never makes you feel bad about a question you have or decisions you have made. Thank you Allyson for all of the things! I highly recommend Lactation Ally!

Kimberly G.

Ally is so warm and loving. She was exactly what I needed when my second baby was struggling to nurse due to tongue and lip tie issues that I never experienced with my first. She came over as soon as we came home from the hospital and supported us all the way!!

Nina E.

Where do I start! Allyson has been my savior these past few days. I’m a new mom and had no idea why, despite breastfeeding all hours of the day and night, my one week old daughter was always super fussy and wanting to eat more. I reached out to Allyson and she was immediately helpful, providing me a detailed care plan before our consult to get me through some rough days. She came out to my home and evaluated my daughter and we figured out that she has a posterior tongue tie which was causing her not to effectively latch and get the milk she needed. She had recommendations of specialists for her to see and provided me with an updated care plan based on our findings. But the most valuable thing she provided me with was confidence and the security that, even though it wasn’t going as I planned, I can feed my daughter my own milk and that she is gaining weight. I’d unequivocally recommend Allyson to anyone having feeding issues with their little ones, having her support and guidance is making all of the difference for me.

Hannah H.

She’s amazing, compassionate, sensitive, and responsive— what a great person to work with as a lactation advisor!

Khadijah C.

Ally is an incredible lactation consultant. She’s professional and deeply caring. She is invested in helping nursing parents in their journey and supports them through all of it. She’s non judgmental and wants a successful outcome for each baby whether nursing or formula feeding.

Kelly P.

No one really discusses how challenging breastfeeding can be for a new mom and baby. My son and I encountered so many obstacles from lip/tongue ties, breast infections, clogged ducts, and many other new mom worries. My partner through it all was Allyson. She made sure we had the support, guidance, and knowledge to successfully nurse, thrive, and survive. I’m still nursing 2.5yrs later and I was able to donate a huge supply of pumped milk. Motherhood requires a deep bench of support and Allyson is an exceptional player/coach. She is a staple in her community, incredible mother, and all around kind person.

Rebecca L.

One visit from Allyson gave me the confidence to keep nursing when I was unsure how to proceed. She was also very non-pressure about nursing vs bottles and genuinely just [cared] about helping me.

Thea C.

Ally is a kind and sensitive person who cares deeply about what she does. She is THE PERSON I’m so glad was at my side during this vulnerable part of my life. Also, she’s a no bullshit problem solver with a keen sense of humor that shouldn’t go under appreciated in her line of work.

Rachel T.

I have heard stories from all of my mom friends about how difficult breastfeeding can be. I knew that would be true, but even though I was seemingly prepared, you have to experience it to really get it. I had my first child in March and just a few days into being a mom, I knew I needed help on the breastfeeding front. As soon as we had difficulties latching, I did some research on Maplewood Moms and learned about Allyson. I quickly scheduled a consultation and I am so happy that I did. She helped me make minor adjustments in my approach that made a huge difference. She also helped restore my confidence, which I think can be half the battle. We’ve improved so much since our consultation. There are still hard days, but that is to be expected. I am excited to attend the support group tomorrow!

Alex T.

Allyson was absolutely a delight to work with. I went to her twice with numerous questions and she answered them patiently. She took time to understand my baby’s feeding pattern and helped resolve my issues … As a first time mom, I relied on Allyson to help me figure out breastfeeding. Would highly recommend this to anyone looking to breastfeed.

Soundarya V.

I cannot thank Allyson … enough for a consult that was a complete game changer for my breastfeeding game! My son, 8 days old, had a very severe tongue tie which was corrected a couple of days ago. Needless to say, he was behind on his latching and I was behind on my milk production. After an emotional week, the two hours my son and I spent with Allyson were the most instrumental in helping us to succeed with latching – and transfer! Far more valuable than all of the books, apps, and hospital personnel I met with. Allyson’s kind, honest, and knowledgeable approach to teaching made the breastfeeding experience far less daunting and far more enjoyable for both me and my son.

Megs T.

I just finished my consultation with Allyson… I’m on cloud 9. I’ll admit my breastfeeding journey has been going pretty well with my 6 day old, but I never imagined how good it could be. Allyson gave me priceless info and showed me how to work my pump, she’s a saint. … do yourself a favor and book before you need them, even if things are going great you will still get amazing feedback and pointers from women who are so nurturing. Thank you Allyson!

Nicole R.

Allyson is so amazing to work with! Both my husband and I appreciated how caring and warm she is. Breast feeding has become a joy instead of being stressful because of her instructions and encouragement.

Elizabeth L.

Allyson is absolutely wonderful and has a world of knowledge to offer … she made me feel proud, empowered and encouraged to be on this journey with our daughter, just born this past Monday! It takes a village and I’m glad to have Allyson and her team supporting us. Looking forward to attending their support groups very soon! Xoxo

Monica M.

My experience with … from my prenatal lactation class to my postnatal support, has been SO helpful, supportive, and necessary. Allyson not only helped me get my daughter back up to birth weight (and beyond), but she gave me amazing advice and guidance on my breastfeeding technique, pump, and how to manage a newborn feeding schedule during the first few exhausting weeks. Allyson also provided continuous support, reaching out to check up on me and our progress, walking me through how to use my new pump … and even providing me with referrals to rent a new pump and also a feeding therapist. She gave me hope when all I wanted to do was give up and was so friendly and supportive, going above and beyond what I expected.

Lindsay S.

Let’s work together.