Prenatal Breastfeeding Classes

What’s included?
• 16 self-paced videos!
• downloadable eBook!
• printable Tip Sheets!
• access for 12 months!

Cost: $39

Watch this quick intro about the course

Expecting a baby?!

Congrats! Did you know nursing is often A LOT harder than it looks? Assuming it’ll happen naturally? Or planning to figure it out once the baby arrives? Learning lactation before birth with this self-paced, comprehensive course will build your knowledge and confidence prior to delivery. Avoid stress and set you up for success!

What topics does The Breastfeeding Class cover?EVERYTHING you need to get off to a great start with lactation: 

  • latching positions
  • how often to feed
  • how to know if the baby is drinking
  • building a good milk supply
  • when and how to introduce pumping and bottles
  • pain and other common issues — plus how to solve them
  • tips for returning to work or school
  • nutrition while nursing
  • introducing solid foods
  • and LOTS more!

 Who is The Breastfeeding Class for?
🌈 This welcoming, inclusive class is for all expecting families that wants to learn more about breastfeeding,  chestfeeding, or bodyfeeding. Parents who learn lactation before birth often have better outcomes and less stress. Once your newborn arrives, continued access lets you use the class as a reference if you need help along the way. 

Ok, but can’t I just learn this at the hospital when I give birth?!
Newborns need to eat 10-12 times a day, starting on Day 1 of life. Hospital lactation consultants are wonderful — but you often get 10-15 minutes with them at most. And you may have to wait hours till they arrive.

With The Breastfeeding Class, you’ll learn in advance how to hold and latch a baby, how to avoid pain, how to tell if baby’s eating well, and best practices to bring in a full milk supply. 24/7/365 access means you can bring The Breastfeeding Class into your delivery room and back to your home in the early postpartum days, too.

Here’s what past participants have said was most valuable about my prenatal breastfeeding class

“the details about things we should expect to happen — what is normal vs. abnormal”

“the fact that you don’t say ‘this is the ONLY way to do this.’ It makes everything less scary/overwhelming”

“small group setting”

“loved the slide at the beginning about inclusivity”

“hearing the phrase ‘early and often’ repeated”

“open dialogue — being able to ask questions”

“hands-on with dolls and crochet breast”

“great class and instructor! Very informative! THANK YOU!!”

“understanding the different techniques and tricks for latching”

“discussion of problems and fixes”

“it was incredibly helpful to have such a knowledgeable resource who could answer all questions!”

“very good information and suggested resources”

“very friendly”

“open to answering any and all questions”

“very well-organized”

“very small class size and convenient timing”

“short and sweet videos”

“positive attitude of instructor”

“no stigmas or judgements”

“atmosphere was comfy”

“honest answers”

“understanding the position the baby should be in, in reference to the breast”

“very helpful to mentally prepare for breastfeeding and getting the baby to latch. A lot of helpful hints.”

“everything was super helpful”

“lots of information! And using the baby + boob to demonstrated holds, etc.”

“talking through what to expect when the baby is born”

“the latching tutorial and [videos of] watching baby feeding”

“very knowledgable instructor”

“the science behind breastfeeding”

“timing of when to introduce bottles”

“the anatomy, helpful tips for a good latch, positioning, and continuing the thought that just how birth is instinctual — so is baby to breast.”

“practicing with the ‘breast’ and the doll”

“the class was interesting, enjoyable, and very helpful”

“using the doll to help me understand latching”

“ALL OF IT!!!”

“hearing about different pitfalls and learning different ways to latch”

“actually getting to be hands on with the babies and boobs to learn for ourselves how to position and make the baby latch”

“I though it was a great class!”

“everything — when to breastfeed and positions … what to do if things don’t work”

“videos were very helpful”

“balance of presentation and conversation”

“casual atmosphere”

“very encouraging”

“supportive of all methods”

“easy to digest”

“timing for milk supply and storage of milk”