About Allyson Murphy, IBCLC

Meet Ally, the lactation consultant

Pronouns: she/her/hers

Hi there! I’m Allyson Murphy, IBCLC. Also known as “Ally” by my friends and family.

I’m a mom to two sweet sons, Callum (age 12) and Sean (age 9). My journey to become a lactation consultant really started the night my first little guy was born. I was determined to breastfeed, though I’d never, ever seen anyone do it. I was overwhelmed, stressed, and beating myself up that it wasn’t magically happening for us. With an amazing home-visit and a LOT of practice—we finally got on track and I ended up loving my nursing relationship.

I went into delivery number 2 a little cocky. I’d breastfed for TWO years, so clearly I was an expert, right? Totally wrong. Sean had me sore and in tears on Day 5. Again, I got help—this time through an in-person support group.

I headed back to my career in graphic design, but soon realized I needed to answer the call to make a career change. It was a big 180° switch at age 37 that required a lot of training, as well as mentoring from amazing experts. 

I believe passionately in being an ally to those in need. I feel honored to do the work that I do—to be welcomed into homes, often as one of the first to meet your sweet, teeny new people. I am lucky to get to hold your hands and offer hugs when you’re feeling most overwhelmed (not to mention tired and hormonal!) My regular in-person support group truly fills my cup each week.

I live in South Orange, NJ, with my boys, my amazing husband Tim, and our rescue mutt Luna, surrounded by the best neighbors in the world. I look forward to family beach trips every summer. We love board games, hiking, and hosting friends at our house. I’m an avid reader, and part of a fantastic monthly book club. I drink tea all day long. I am happiest when I’m helping to build community and bring people together. 

I’d love to work with you—and be an ally on your team.

Let’s work together.